Secret way to trade forex and generate consistent profit ..

Every trader want a consistent profit, but sometimes it is very difficult to be able to get a consistent profit for each transaction.

  In this article I will try to share my experience about how to trade that is guaranteed to be profitable consistently … but on the condition that it must be DISCIPLINE .. !!!!!!!!!!!  and don’t be greedy .. remember always follow the trading plan that has been set .. “no one can predict the market 100%”

OK, let’s get started ..

  1. open chart is better at H1

  2. check all charts on all pairs and look for a breakout provided 1 strong candle

  3. collect all the pairs that have breakout

  4. make an analysis, wait for the retest price to the previous price

  5. After the retest price, immediately open a position, if there are 10 pairs that have confirmed the retest, open position all of them  … use a small lot. The core is small but many

  6. Wait until the total price becomes profit

  7. After the profit, immediately close all positions that are already profitable or are still losing … remember not to be greedy, set targets but don’t overdo it … guaranteed to produce consistent profits.

I hope this article can help and my last tips “DISCIPLINE AND DO NOT BE GREEDY”

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