Hello, this time I will write about supernatural powers or mystical powers in my homeland JIMBARAN BALI

In this increasingly modern era, things related to supernatural powers are increasingly being abandoned. But not in my village JIMBARAN.

Almost every time we can still see the magic power, some are positive and some are negative.In this article I will share about religious culture which is very magical and different from other villages in Bali and even in the world.

Ok, here we go …

I am sure you have all been to Bali, right? And you definitely know Barong and Rangda. I will tell in detail about the supernatural powers that exist in Barong and Rangda Those in my area in particular.

In Jimbaran there are 2 barong masks and 3 Rangda masks. All of them are very old. The first barong mask is a manifestation of the supernatural powers of Pura Dalem in Jimbaran and the second mask is a manifestation of the magical power of Pura Ulunswi Jimbaran, while the three rangda masks are a manifestation of the supernatural powers that exist in Pura Dalem Jimbaran.

One of the things that is unique and different from other villages is the source of magical power. In other villages, after making or repairing barong and rangda, they will make a ceremony called PASUPATI that is a ceremony to bring supernatural powers and enter the supernatural power into the mask. This is usually led by a Hindu priest who is experienced in this field.Whereas in Jimbaran we did not bring in a Hindu priest. We only asked for this magical power in various temples in Jimbaran

The ceremony will begin by asking for an invisible clue which Barong mask will be willing to dance, because there are two barongs.while the three rangda masks are always danced by all three.

After getting the barong mask, which will be danced, then bedding equipment and rangda and fur for the body of the barong are made and feathers for rangda hair.

The ceremony of putting on a barong and rangda mask is held the day before GALUNGAN.For the barong mask, the ceremony is carried out in the afternoon at the temple where the power of the barong mask originates at Pura Dalem or at Pura Ulunswi. while the three rangda masks were performed in Pura Dalem at night no lighting at all

On the night after the mask fitting ceremony, a ceremony called NGEREHAN will be held and also without lighting. The ceremony is to ensure that the magic power has entered the mask. Barong will be at Pura Dalem,and the three rangda masks will be placed in the center of the grave on the basis of skulls.There is something unique here. The skull heads used in this ceremony are simply obtained. Usually lying under a large tree in a grave and will disappear by itself after the evening ceremony is over

The queen of the rangda in Jimbaran
Barong and two other rangda

On that night, the three rangda dancers will sneak up to the rangda mask which is still above the skull. Sometimes they turned around as if they were afraid to see the rangda mask. According the story of the rangda dancers, they saw the tongue from the mask emitting a big fire so they turned around in fear. Then the dancers would continue to approach the rangda mask until Finally they managed to approach and put on the rangda mask.

After successfully wearing a mask they will start dancing and one of the oldest rangda, who is the queen, will chant mantras of praise to the gods and holy spirits which is in the graves and at Pura Dalem.Meanwhile, at Pura Dalem Barong have been waiting there with nearly 200 keris dancers who we call BEBUTEN.

The BEBUTEN will sit waiting in the temple, until finally they are possessed and cannot control themselves.They easily jumped over the temple wall, which was almost 3 meters high. Then they run after the rangda dancers.None of the BEBUTEN managed to get close to the rangda. Within 5-4 meters they fell and fainted, some were still standing but could not get close. Here is something unique which does not exist in other areas. BEBUTEN who fall will be automatically bound by their hands and feet in magic and can only be released by fire. And the end of this war was won by rangda. The rangda will return to Ulunswi Temple to remove masks and clothes and a few moments later followed by barong and bebuten who are still conscious and who have been bound by supernatural powers

MEPAJAR on the road

Arriving at Ulunswi temple, the BEBUTEN will NGUREK.namely stabbing the keris into his body, while those who are bound will be assisted by the barong priest to untie the ties. Only with small incense and flowers will the ties be untied.When NGUREK they will shouted out the name of the holy spirit who possessed him while stabbing a keris into his body. Even this only exists in Jimbaran.Each BEBUTEN is possessed by a different spirit and the way to stick a keris is different also

The most interesting thing is the story of the BEBUTEN. At the time of the possession the BEBUTEN saw another world that we could not see. When they saw the queen of the rangda, they huge wisps of fire, they were afraid and overheated. they also saw that there were ratut and even thousands of rangda men who were ready to fight and catch them. There is a large, tall human and some are small and creepy.Sometimes there is a bebuten who runs away scared away, but soon he will fall and become bound magically.

Furthermore, every 15 days, KAJENG KLION will be danced with barong n rangda in front of Ulunswi Jimbaran Temple which we usually call MEPAJAR. This will last for 6 months after which the barong and rangda will be MESIMPEN, which is a ceremony to remove the barong and rangda masks and keep them in the temple until the specified time.

Hopefully this little story can teach us to always protect our ancestral cultural heritage and be able to respect each other’s nature and surroundings ..


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