Childhood is the happiest time ever happens in our life. Free to play , tireless, stress free without life’s problems

I have 3 sons, the first is 4 years old, the second is 4 years old and the third is also 4 years old .. 😁😁 you are confused right ??? Yap they’re triplets. Have more than one child especially the same age as each other must be extra effort in caring for and nurturing them. I don’t use a nanny, I take care of it with my wife and parents.

It’s quite tiring too, but enjoyed because this is God’s most special gift. As babies, they rarely fuss. Usually babies are cranky at night, but they are not. When it’s sleeping time,two of them will fall asleep and the other one won’t want to sleep. I don’t even know why. And when the awake wants to sleep, surely one of the sleepers will wake up. So it goes on until they are two years old.

From babies they do not get breast milk because the milk does not come out smoothly. So that from babies until now they still consume formula milk. After they could play, I never did forbid them from choosing something to play. I let them play anything as long as it is safe. Like playing with sand, mud, even grasshoppers, the most important thing is they are happy and can know new things.

In my opinion, the most difficult thing in parenting is teaching them to speak fluently. My first and second children are fluent in speaking while my third child is still not fluent in speaking.But I still train and I hope he can respond quickly

According to my observations, speech delays can occur due to lack of social interaction. My first and second sons were very active together while my third son prefer to play alone. He’s the quiet type

The problem that often arises in caring for children today is the problem of gadget addiction. Almost every hour they nag to be given gadgets or cellphones If not given they cry, some even go berserk. All my sons are like that ..But I try my hardest to keep them away from gadgets. It’s better for them to play mud than play with gadgets. When they are addicted to gadgets they will forget about social interactions.They will be immersed in their world of gadgets. I think this will be a big problem in the future.

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