Hello, my purpose in writing this article is to share my personal experiences on how to improve sperm quality. Having a baby is the desire of most people. But sometimes there are problems that hinder the plan. One of them is fertility problems, especially in men.

Sperm that are abnormally shaped, move slowly or stay in place are the main obstacles in the pregnancy program. This can happen because of an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, fatigue, and stress. In the following I will tell you my experience about improving poor sperm quality And I hope it can be useful

As soon as I got married I planned to have children right away, so I finally went to the doctor to join the pregnancy program. In that program the doctor only gives a schedule for s*x with the wife.After 3 months, there were no results at all and finally I was recommended for a sperm test. The test results were disappointing. My sperm quality is bad. The shape is good but the motion is less nimble. Only some are actively moving, while others remain in place.

After doing the sperm test, the doctor gave me several drugs to improve the quality of my sperm, but a few months after that there was still no change.Finally a friend who has the same case as me told me the medicine. My friend also has poor sperm quality but now he has succeeded in having a baby girl thanks to traditional medicine that he often consumes

The remedy is quite simple, it can be easily obtained in the market. The medicine is HONEY and BEAN SPROUT

The natural nectar content in honey will provide energy to the body so it doesn’t get tired easily and bean sprouts contain lots of vitamin E which is great for fertility.

What needs to be prepared are:



3.Bean Sprout


Put lots of bean sprouts in a blender, add 3 tablespoons of honey and enough water, blend all the ingredients until smooth and ready to drink ..

In the past every night I drank this concoction a full glass. Besides that, my maximum nighttime sleep is at 21.00. I did it for almost a month and the result was my wife was pregnant. Looks simple but the results are amazing ..

My goal for sharing this experience is to share information. This is 100% my own experience.So …. good luck and remember praying to God

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