Whenever a mystical atmosphere will always exist in Bali. Both in terms of culture and in terms of society. Mystical culture has been passed down from generation to generation by Balinese ancestors.In Bali there are hundreds of lontar inscriptions which contain a lot of mystical knowledge, either black magic or white .Modern eras like now there are still many people who still have and practice it.In addition to spiritual knowledge in Bali, there are also many magical art performances in the form of dances

The original purpose for this dance was to ward off disease outbreaks that were hitting an area at that time. And to this day it is still preserved and believed

Some of the dances are:


Those who have been to Bali must be familiar with this dance. In fact, it is classified as a sacred dance. There is a time, place and special people who can dance it. Usually this dance only in the temple. However, along with the development of tourism, a barong dance is made which is not sacred. It can be danced anywhere, by anyone and without magical elements.There are many types of barong, such as barong ket, barong macan, barong landung and barong bangkung.

Barong is a symbol of good or positive energy and Rangda is a symbol of evil or negative energy. In the battle between barong n rangda no one wins or loses. Good and evil Positive and negative will always coexist until the end


Sanghyang jaran comes from the words Sanghyang and jaran. Sanghyang means holy spiritual spirit and jaran means horse.The Sanghyang jaran dancer will carry a tool decorated to resemble a horse. This dance includes a sacred dance that is performed in certain temples. When dancing will be accompanied by chanting of a a typical song that can cause the dancer to be possessed.In a state of possession the dancer will dance while running and kicking the flames in front of him.


Sanghyang Dedari comes from the words Sanghyang and dedari. Where Dedari means angel.Usually danced by a group of young girls who are still not yet pubescent. Just like the Sanghyang Jaran dance, this dance will be accompanied by typical song that can cause the dancer possessed.After being possessed, the dancer will dance to climb a bamboo pole with his eyes closed and then dance on the bamboo


Sanghyang penyalin comes from the word Sanghyang and penyalin. Where penyalin means rattan.The dancers will bring the rattan whose ends are decorated with leaves. After being accompanied by a special song, the rattan will move by itself. The dancers will carry the rattan wherever the direction of movement is.

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