Over time, tens or even hundreds of new objects have been discovered. Inventors are always trying to create new objects to make human work easier. However, there are some things that, even though there are more modern replacements, are still widely used by most people. What are those objects ??? We will try to display according to my version.


This means of transportation is still widely enjoyed in the community.As time goes by, many other, more sophisticated means of transportation have been created such as motorbikes and cars. However, bicycles are still quite good today.


In the digital era like today, the existence of gadgets is growing rapidly. Apart from being a means of communication, gadgets are also used as a means for writing and drawing. However, this cannot eliminating the presence of pencils. Until now, pencils are still widely used


This tool has been invented from prehistoric times. In this modern era there have been many modern and sophisticated cutting tools that have been created, but axes are still widely used today.


This footwear is still the choice of many people. Even though there are shoes everywhere, the existence of sandals has not diminished


This one thing also doesn’t want to give up in this modern era. Digital keys that have been widely used are unable to eliminate the existence of ordinary keys.


The last object is a match. This object has been around for a long time. Along with the times then created a gas lighter. But the existence of matches is still a lot in the community.

Those are some things that are not willing to go extinct in this modern era, my version.


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