A neat and clean house is everyone’s desire. That way a comfortable atmosphere will be felt.

But what happens if insects and rodents start coming to your house ????

Generally, rodents such as rats will damage all objects and furniture in the house.Everything they see will be bitten.According to a book I’ve read, rats always bite because their teeth are getting longer every day. To overcome this they need to bite something, otherwise they will die because they can not eat due to the teeth that continue to lengthen

Then what about the ants that enter the house?They came in very large numbers and started bringing leftovers to their nests Seeing that we will definitely immediately take a broom or insect poison to kill them.

Let us think back. Are the ants wrong? I will answer NO

The reason they come is to help us clean the house from leftovers. We are lazy, we rarely clean the house.So, why are we killing them? even though we have been helped to clean up leftovers

Learn to think positively. In this world we don’t live alone, other creatures are also part of this world. As long as they don’t hurt us, we shouldn’t hurt them yet.SHANTI, πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


  1. Om Shanti Triple… I agree with you and do this when I can for sure. But if you keep coming in my home and I haven’t invited and you keep “bugging” me, you may not make it through the night… especially if you bite me..❀️ Cindy


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