It is our duty as Balinese to preserve what our ancestors have left us.A great culture, pioneered hundreds of years by our ancestors.We don’t want this great culture to just disappear because of us.Like our ancestors, we also want to pass it on to our grandchildren Are we able to carry out this mission?

The toughest challenge is the development of an increasingly modern era.Children prefer gadgets to learning culture.For example in terms of language.Balinese has its own regional language. However, parents rarely introduce the language to their children because they are considered not modern, ashamed because of the old style.

Apart from language, Balinese also has its own letters and numbers. The writing style is similar to Thai writing style.This is even worse … only 5% of Balinese are adept at using it, while others are not at all proficient.Even though in elementary school there are lessons about Balinese letters, that doesn’t mean many children don’t really like it

In other parts such as dance and Balinese music, it is not too worrying.Many children still like to learn to dance and play Balinese gamelan I am also in this section, from elementary school I have learned to play the Balinese gamelan. I feel quite proud to be able to participate in the effort to preserve Balinese culture, even in a small aspect.

Another part that is quite worrying is the part of making the ceremony facilities. Only some people can do it.The means for this ceremony are usually done by women.Some of them consider it a complicated thing and many complain. But as taught by our ancestors, “whatever it is especially related to religious ceremonies, do it sincerely “

I really really hope this cultural heritage can reach our grandchildren. We don’t want this legacy to be destroyed in our era ..


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