Bathing is a daily routine, especially in the tropics. Cleansing the body from dirt and keeping it fresh and healthy is the goal for bathing.

But the fact is that excessive bathing will cause disease, especially skin problems. The ideal bath is 10-15 minutes long.The temperature of the bath water also needs to be considered using warm water, not too hot or too cold.

Things that usually happen when taking a shower:

1.The skin becomes dry and cracks

Excessive bathing can cause the skin to become dry and cracked.This can happen because the oil content in the skin is eroded out due to excessive bathing.It is recommended to take a shower for just 10 minutes with running water

2.Loss of good bacteria on the skin

Bathing too long can also kill good bacteria on the skin. Like other parts of the body, the skin also has good bacteria that maintain moisture and skin health.Obtained from various sources, it is stated that the skin can clean itself..When the good bacteria on the skin die, the skin will dry out and the pores will open up to enter air into the skin to keep it moist, but bad bacteria can also enter the skin pores

3.Bone pain

Bathing in cold water and for a long time can cause pain in the bones and joints. This happens a lot in older people. It is recommended to take a warm bath and avoid bathing in the evening.


When after exercising, avoid taking a shower immediately.Can cause headaches and even death.This is because the blood flow is still heavy and the body is in a hot state, when suddenly exposed to water it will react to the blood flow.It is advisable to take a short break after exercising. Washing when the body is cold


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